I can connect you with preferred partners in any or all of the

following areas when you are selling your home with me:

  • Real Estate Lawyers

  • Home Stagers

  • Moving/Packing/Storage Companies

  • Financing Help

  • Renovations

  • Home Inspectors

An effective deal is achieved when everyone wins. My goal is to get you exactly what you want, but in doing so it is important to maintain and develop a strong relationship with the people across the table.

Through your own needs analysis as well as attention to the requirements of every buyer ensure you receive top dollar and a clear mind when you sell your home.


Great thought must be put into an effective marketing plan, and knowing your intended audience as well as the market conditions are key to establishing the appropriate approach.

With strategic partnerships developed over more than a decade, I bring to you a comprehensive marketing plan to ensure your home gets the exposure it deserves.


Knowledge. Support. Results.

The Follow Up: 

My relationship with you will continue well beyond the day the deal is done. Expect to have a resource in me and my team for as long as you need,  when you invest in me, you can expect ongoing returns.


The Sale: 

You will not only be happy with the transaction itself, you will be fully informed and empowered throughout the process. I aggressively pursue your best interest and you will never feel like you are in the dark.


The Assessment:

It all starts with a detailed discussion of your current situation, where you've been, where you are and where you'd like to be. This best establishes our strategy the rest of the way.


While the process can get complex, it shouldn't feel that way for you. It breaks down into three simple steps:




Sales Representative.

On The Block Realty Inc., Brokerage